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Example Tasks

What your Chinese Virtual Assistant can do...

Service Category Task Exmaples
Coordinate Event
  • Call 20 Chinese Hotels to find out the rates for hosting an event.
  • Call 10 suppliers in China to gather the price rate and compare the product in a form.
  • Call Client list in China and invite them to join your company exhibition or event.
Coordinate Meetings in China We will visit China Sep 1st -8th, please arrange us meetings with 10 mobile phone manufactures in Shenzhen City, China "
Liaise with China Suppliers
  • We do not want to deal directly with Chinese factories, and require help to communicate with them daily to make sure our product is being made in a proper way.
  • I require onsite inspection of the supplier to verify their information, take some photos and provide a written report. We want to deal with only with the real manufacturer directly, not an agent.
Attend Tradeshows
  • We cannot attend this Canton fair this year, and you require representation at the trade show to gather supplier’s information, collect brochures and send to us.
  • We are attending a Chinese exhibition year, but we need a translator with us to communicate with some Chinese vendors.
Prepare for and Attend Meetings
  • I need to attend some meetings in China, but I am not sure if they speak good English so I need a China PA to accompany me to interpret and translate. I’ll also need to know exactly what they are saying in Chinese, in order to clearly understand the terms.
  • It is good to show people that have a PA in China when attending meetings, and I’ll also need someone to take notes and write a comprehensive report
Business Research
  • We will arrive in Shanghai on 25th Oct, please list all five star hotels to choose in Pudong district and book the hotel. Arrange a car with driver to pick me up at the airport and transport to the hotel.
  • We want to have a tour of Beijing, please help us to arrange some sightseeing and arrange hotels.
Preparing Presentations We need some input about the Chinese dog food market to complete a report, please help us to prepare a introduction to the market presentation
Entering the Chinese Market We need to have our own Weibo account, Taobao Store and Baidu marketing in China.
China Working Visa Application
  • Our Company wants to hire some foreign expats, but we don’t know how to apply working visa for them to work legally in China?
  • We need an invitation letter to come to China for your Chinese Visa
Staff Recruitment We are going to set up a company in China, but we need staff help to recruit candidates in the area you’ll be located
Website Localization We want to have a Chinese version of your website, and need help translating the content
Personal Shopping Assistant We need help sourcing a personal product and negotiate price from e-commerce vendors such as Taobao or from local shop and have it shipped to anywhere in the world

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